Wallpaper Engine doesn’t work

In case the Wallpaper Engine does not work and the program does not start on Steam, it is necessary to go through Steam to the “programs” section, find the “properties” icon and go to “local files”.

On the desktop will open the folder, where there are two applications: wallpaper32, wallpaper64. Depending on which system is installed, one of the launchers is selected and sent to the desktop.

Thus, a launcher shortcut appears on the desktop, which you want to run as administrator.

It also happens that after the updates the program does not start. In this case, you need to exit the wallpaper engine, check in the “Task Manager” so that it ‘s not there, if there is, then remove the task. The application can either be removed and reinstalled, or the file integrity check can be started, and the cache should be checked.

If something goes wrong Steam will reinstall the version itself.