My Desktop v2.0

Мой рабочий стол v2.0

Friends, have not seen for a long time,,,
This is a good update, finally arrived. ,,

The first statement, in the following it can be considered as
semiprogrammers. ., For the art of things that are almost unaware
of this. .. Therefore, I am helpless for suggestions such as a more
beautiful model. ,,,

Reconstructed the scene for another person’s model (unity of
sapphires of the new generation of free models) to facilitate the
use of skeletal animation and customize the expression

New features:
1. Delete the previous user interface button 2. Symbols will be
based on the current time , the current system processor, the
change in the mood of memory usage, the upper right corner of the
number that corresponds to the current setting value (from -100 to
100), different expressions and actions will make the other mood
Actions, mainly working mood. Bad, good time to eat, system
resources to take more (for example, launching a big game,
antivirus, finite element analysis, etc.), Bad mood, system
resources – a better mood. In addition, it became possible to get a
short “take-off gas”. Ah. In short, work is more miserable than
work. ,, 3. Click the link button in the lower left corner to
switch to the user interface, optimizing the interface interface
working mode. In the user interface, the lower left button can
return to the original interface, back under the left and right
arrows you can switch the time bar and file panel. Return the file
panel, in the file panel click on the bottom of the ADD NEW BTN
button to select the file path. , Click to start when you add it.
., Click the red button on the left side of the Create button to
remove the button. 4.With a normal interface, click on the mood
value (numbers and spinning dials may be), if the little sister has
a good mood, she will arbitrarily do a dance action, if the mood is
not very good, the little sister will refuse to dance. In addition,
if the little sister is feeling very ill, the younger sister will
hit you and shut your car. ,,,, 5. Ambient light will change with
time. ,, 6. Open the opportunity to stretch. Ah. ,,

Known problems:
1. Changes in the expression of the character’s action are not
smooth, there will be Caton. This is model material with an
expression function caused by complexity, I am looking for ways to
improve. 2. Part of the stranger screen resolution will result in
an incorrect position of the left button. ,,, 3. The author intends
to graduate from school, so that the emperor ate the ashes, after
work, to assess the significant reduction in leisure time, the
subsequent update in the foreseeable future. .,

ps: author I use memory i5, gt755,8g. .,, the processor takes
5-10%, the memory takes about 60 m.,, The valid range. In the end,
the wallpaper engine for the user to run a full-screen program to
pause the wallpaper, theoretically not on the normal use of the
computer, caused too much impact. ,

Page in

Download from YandexDrive.

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Wallpaper Description, Performance Impact,
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Short Description:

“Wallpaper My Desktop v2.0 – really great live wallpapers from
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Wallpaper My Desktop v2.0 will in no way affect the performance
of your computer or laptop computer system. Because they will
appear only when you are on your desktop, and the wallpaper engine
will automatically stop when you go to your browser or something
else. Обои

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