Miku Engine (System Animator 10)

Miku Engine (System Animator 10)

System Animator is a multi-purpose system monitor with an
emphasis on visual effects and FUN! How about a cute anime gal that
dances according to CPU usage? Hatsune Miku waving her leek while
playing MP3? The famous Matrix digital rain effect with scroll
speed that matches your network traffic? It depends on your

Various types of 2D / 3D animations are supported, including
real-time support for MikuMikuDance (MMD) animations. Imagine Mika
who will react to your actions with the mouse and dance under the
blows when you play music!

Below are some videos demonstrating some of the key features in
System Animator.


The Engine Engine System Animator version has the following
differences / changes compared to the standalone version of System

– Only the wallpaper mode is available (i.e., you cannot use it
as a separate window).

– Some animations still interact with the mouse, unlike the
stand-alone wallpaper mode, which completely ignores mouse clicks.
In some cases, a normal click works like a double click.

– The drop-down menu on the settings panel does not work in the
usual way. Just click to change.

– The animation is mostly focused regardless of size (mainly
because the window cannot be resized and resized in Wallpaper
Engine mode).

– Some actions that require keyboard input are not

– Run “electron.exe” to launch System Animator offline. Any
changes are saved and applied to both standalone and Wallpaper
Engine modes. This can be useful in some cases when some changes
cannot be made in Wallpaper Engine due to the above technical

IMPORTANT NOTE.Some antivirus programs may have false alarms
regarding some of the files used in System Animator. System
Animator is a clean and safe NO virus or Trojan of any type.


Version 10.2

– Added support for the “Animator” mode in the “Animator” mode,
which allows System Animator to work exclusively as web wallpapers
on the Wallpaper Engine.
This also opens up the possibility of launching the Animator system
online in the future.

– Add support for moving the gadget window beyond the main
screen size and possibly across multiple monitors.

– Add support for using AAC music in MMD animations.

– Add options to limit the viewing position of the MMD trackball

– Update the double-click function of the MMD animation to
include a short “Gravity Dump” / “Random Wind” effect.

– Correct the repetition of the texture when its dimension is
not valid.

– Eliminate the depth of relief of speech bubbles and mirrors
(in some cases) in the MMD animation.

– Fix a bug when loading more than three MMD character

– Correct the error when using the MMD model without a

– Fixed a bug in the effect of fireworks on the canvas, which
causes the animation to blink sometimes.

Page in

Download from YandexDrive.

Download Miku Engine (System Animator 10) Wallpaper
Engine Free, fun desktop wallpaper for your computer right from
Steam Wallpaper Engine Workshop … If you like Anime
/ Music / wallpapers Desktop application,
just browse the site there are similar

Wallpaper Description, Performance Impact,
Details to Download

Short Description:

“Miku Engine Wallpapers (System Animator 10) are really great
live wallpapers from the Steam Wallpaper Engine Workshop for your
computer’s desktop, it can to be the best alternative to your
images on the Windows desktop that you are absolutely tired of, so
do not hesitate to search on our site, if not here you can find
wallpapers that suit you.


Miku Engine wallpapers (System Animator 10) will in no way
affect the performance of your computer or portable computer
system. Because they will appear only when you are on your desktop,
and the wallpaper engine will automatically stop when you go to
your browser or something else.

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