Listen To Wikipedia

Listen To Wikipedia

This is a wallpaper that displays all the changes in the
(English) Wikipedia in real time on your desktop. The bubble size
indicates the size of the edit. Gray bubbles indicate normal
changes, while green bubbles indicate changes made by unregistered
users, and purple bubbles indicate changes to bots. Bells indicate
addition, and string bunches indicate subtractions. The pitch
changes according to the size of the edit; The more editing, the
deeper the note. When a new user registers on Wikipedia, their name
will be displayed with a blue banner at the top of the screen,
followed by swelling of the lines.

The volume can be changed from the Wallpaper Engine itself. If
this Wallpaper is used, I will add settings to change the
background color and bubbles.

Page in

Download from YandexDrive.

Download Listen To Wikipedia Wallpaper Engine Free,
fun desktop wallpaper for your computer right from Steam Wallpaper
Engine Workshop … If you like Abstract / Web desktop
wallpaper, just browse The site has similar

Wallpaper Description, Performance Impact,
Details to Download

Short Description:

“Listen To Wikipedia Wallpaper – Really Great Live Wallpaper
from the Steam Wallpaper Engine Workshop for your computer desktop,
it may be the best alternative to your images on the Windows
desktop that you are absolutely tired of, so do not hesitate to
search on our site, if not here you can find wallpapers that suit


Listen To Wikipedia Wallpaper will in no way affect the
performance of your computer or laptop computer system.Because they
will appear only when you are on your desktop, and the wallpaper
engine will automatically stop when you go to your browser or
something else.

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