Kancolle hibiki

Kancolle Hibiki

Add a tutorial video.
This video was made by @ madea32. Thanks so much for his efforts
and help.

You can understand how to use this wallpaper in a video,
including how to change the wallpaper (jpg, bmp support, gif format
and support for wallpaper slides).
If this wallpaper works with a problem (for example, it is
impossible to drag characters, animation / voice cannot be played,
the zoom in / out function is invalid or different), try running
wallpaper32.exe (or wallpaper64.exe) as an administrator (on the
right-click and “ run as admin “).

If the number of wallpapers is more than 1, and if you want to
change the frequency of changing the background, open the folder
“Live2D_Bismarck_Data” along this path: “Steam \ steamapps \
workshop \ content \ 431960 \ 860698270”, open
“wallpaperPlayRate.xml” txt, change the number in this line: “ 15
</ value>” (unit of a second, default value is 15 seconds)
and do not change other things. When you change the number, you
need to restart this wallpaper.

If you find this high memory wallpaper, use the release memory

Please give positive ratings if you like it.
If you have something to say or suggest (or mistakes), please leave
a comment, thanks.

========== Upgrade notes ===========

Version 1.21:
Correct the error.

Ver 1.2 Update:
Added download interface. If there are pictures in the “wallpaper”
folder, the boot interface will be introduced at startup
(background – default wallpaper). A progress bar is displayed at
the top of the screen, the number below shows the progress of
downloading images (not a percentage based on the number of

Update version 1.1 and version 1.11:
1, After dragging a character to a location on your screen and / or
setting up a volam, you can click the SAVE button in the upper
right corner of the screen to save location information and volume
information.If you do, restart this wallpaper, the symbol will
appear in this place, and the volume will be the same.

2, There is also a RESET button in the upper right corner of the
screen, you can click it to move the symbol to its original
location and source volume.

Default wallpaper: Pixiv ID: 44019738

Page in

Download from YandexDrive.

Download Kancolle Hibiki Wallpaper Engine Free, fun
desktop wallpaper for your computer directly from Steam Wallpaper
Engine Workshop … If you like Anime / desktop
wallpaper app, just browse the site there are similar

Wallpaper description, performance impact,
details to download

Short description:

“Kancolle Hibiki wallpapers are really great live wallpapers
from the Steam Wallpaper Engine Workshop for your computer desktop,
this may be the best alternative to your images on the Windows
desktop that you are absolutely tired of, so don’t hesitate to
search on our site for how you can find wallpapers that suit


Kancolle Hibiki wallpapers will in no way affect the performance
of your computer or laptop computer system. Because they will
appear only when you are on your desktop, and the wallpaper engine
will automatically stop when you go to your browser or something

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