How to download and install Wallpaper Engine

On this site you can  download and install Wallpaper Engine, and choose live wallpapers, presented in a wide range for every taste.

In the section “Download the software”

at the bottom of the page you need to click “Download the program from our site”, then a window appears that prompts you to select a folder on the computer.

Then you need to press the “save” button. When the file successfully loaded, the folder should contain an archive “Wallpaper Engine”. After that, you need to unzip the content into a user-friendly folder.

Now you can proceed to install the program.

To do this, go to the unpacked folder and select one of the applications at the bottom of the list. It will be either wallpaper32 or wallpaper64, depending on the installed Windows system.

After launching the necessary application the program will turn on, so it does not require installation, you can only select the language you want to use efficiently and understandably, after which you can immediately use the program.