How to add wallpaper to Wallpaper Engine

When the question arises how to add wallpaper to the wallpaper engine, then everything is very simple. To start, you need to pick up the wallpaper you like on the site, after selecting one of the suggested themes.

Under the description of the wallpaper, users are offered two ways to download files, this can be done through the “workshop” on Steam, or directly from the Goole Drive.

The downloaded file must be unzipped, but only the main folder, and not what is contained in it, does not need to be unarchived.

How to set the wallpaper: open the downloaded folder through the wallpaper engine and select the file.

After that, among the existing live wallpaper will appear the necessary animation, clicking on it, the appearance of the desktop will change.

Another option is to place the downloaded wallpaper in the folder / WallpaperEngine / projects / myprojects