Note. This may warn you that you are unknown when it starts. Do
not worry – this is a warning that is issued for all wallpapers in
the “Application” category. Since no one can look inside the
contents of the wallpaper, this anti-idiot is fault tolerant.
Please read the included privacy policy before using the wallpaper
if you are interested.

A bit of important information

I broke down to get this wallpaper. This is my first official
release, and I want my content to be known before I start doing

I created the Unity3D framework for audio responsive wallpapers.
It still needs to be smoothed out and there are a few errors in it,
but it works. This is still very experimental, but I recommend that
you try and criticize it so that in the future I can make more
comfortable wallpapers.


Here are some tips from me if you want to download this

• If he doesn’t do anything, make sure you play music using
another application. This wallpaper does not make noise, he just
listens to it. If you are playing something and it still does not
work, make sure that it plays on your sound output device by
default and restarts the wallpaper. If this does not work, go to
“[AppData] LocalLow \ Technoguyfication \ Techno’s Wallpapers” and
open “output_log.txt”. This will tell you the audio device that is
listening to the wallpaper.

• Refrain from disconnecting audio devices or otherwise
switching them when the wallpaper is working. This will cause a
hard crash and you will have to reload the wallpaper. This is a
mistake of the internal engine, and at the moment I can not do
anything about it. It might be a good idea to put this wallpaper on
a playlist so that it rotates every once in a while.

• Too high sensitivity leads to some strange behavior with the
visualizer.I think I traced this to a floating point precision
error, so I will study this to try and fix it.

• I know that you cannot enter the Frequency Range field right
now. To fix this, right-click on the wallpaper from inside the
Wallpaper Engine, click “Open in Explorer” and run
“TechnosWallpapers_Genesis.exe” and play it. You can change the
values ​​there, and they will be saved when you close.

Page in

Download from YandexDrive.

Download Genesis Wallpaper Engine Free, exciting
desktop wallpaper for your computer directly from Steam Wallpaper
Engine Workshop … If you like wallpaper Abstract /
Desktop application, just browse the site related

Wallpaper description, performance impact,
details to download

Short description:

“Genesis wallpapers are really great live wallpapers from the
Steam Wallpaper Engine Workshop for your computer desktop, this may
be the best alternative to your images on Windows desktop, which
you are absolutely tired of, so do not hesitate to search on our
site, if not here you can find wallpapers that suit you.


Genesis Wallpaper will in no way affect the performance of your
computer or laptop computer system. Because they will appear only
when you are on your desktop, and the wallpaper engine will
automatically stop when you go to your browser or something

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