Live wallpapers on desktop

Today, almost everyone has a computer or laptop with a Windows operating system. Well, or tablet / smartphone based on Windows. In any case, each user at least once installed on his desktop wallpaper: any picture, photo or a whole collage.

But soon the usual pictures / photos bother and you want something bright and realistic. Especially for these purposes, computer wizards programmers came up with special programs that allow you to install 3D images, as well as animations and “live” wallpaper on your desktop.

Young, but the popular tool

One of these programs, or rather, utilities, is the Wallpapier Engine, developed not so long ago by the German programmer Christian Scott. Despite the fact that the program was launched in October last year, it in a short time sold millions of copies around the world.

This crazy popularity is explained by the fact that, unlike similar programs that cost decent money, this utility will cost users only $ 3.99. Funny price, right?

Other features of the program

Of course, in addition to such a low cost, the program has a number of other features that you should pay attention to.

  • The program is available in a variety of languages (including 17 languages).
  • This utility supports Steam Workshop, where you can edit the wallpaper literally “on the fly.”
  • Support multi-screen among.
  • Wallpaper suspend robots during games or other robots during which the desktop is hidden.
  • Functional editor for creating your own wallpaper.
  • The ability to use as wallpaper applications, videos, web sites and read the graphics.
  • Support for a variety of video formats, including: mp4, WebM (Workshop); Mp4, WebM, avi, m4v, mov, wmv.

And this is only a small part of all the available features of the program.

Early access and Steam – what is it?

The application is in early access, and therefore the users who installed it need to monitor regular updates. The last, final, update of the program is planned this spring. But, despite the fact that the program was released in the early access, it can be used in full.

Another thing: Wallpapier Engine, let’s say, is technically connected with the Steam Workshop application. Here in this application and concentrated the bulk of the already ready wallpapers. At the moment there are more than 50 thousand.

But in the collection of ready-made wallpapers are mostly animations with cute hentai girls. You can, of course, find excellent “live” wallpaper on the game themes. The developers of the application found a different solution to the problem: now users can create their own, author’s, wallpaper of this type. By the way, this move was very successful: at the moment in the Steam studio there are more than 15,000 wallpapers, and their number continues to grow. In the Steam workshop, you can find any wallpaper: nature, technology, games, video, as well as various equalizers with visualization of music.

By the way, if you want to create “live” wallpaper yourself, then before using a special editor, developers recommend viewing detailed video instructions for use.

Technical moments and the possibility of free download

As for the resources consumed by this application, they are negligible. In addition, when you open a third-party application Wallpapier Engina pauses the work in an automatic mode.

However, some “live” wallpapers significantly slow down the computer (CPU utilization and use of RAM). You need to put the wallpaper based on the capabilities of iron.

Free download the latest version of the program and get acquainted with the system requirements can be from a special page on our website. Go to download.

How to use the Wallpaper Engine?

The program does not require any special skills and skills – just download it and run it on your device. The application has enough detailed instructions, as well as answers to the most popular questions in the “F.A.Q.” section.

You can also use the appropriate section FAQ.

After installing the application, in the main menu the user will see a list of available themes, and also sort them by standard parameters – date, name, rating, etc.

If you choose a specific theme, the user will be presented with a menu where he can set the input parameters of the theme – color scheme, playback speed and musical accompaniment. In addition, you can put an estimate, or completely delete the topic you do not like. If the topic is to your liking, you can save it. To do this, click the “Subscribe” button in the Application Workshop.

A free and constantly updated list of available topics can be found on the pages of WallpaperEngine.Info.